50 Megumi

50 Megumi Hair Colorant 150g (Black) (145737)

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50 Megumi Hair Colorant 150g (Black)
No damage to the scalp! Free of ten sensitive additives, suitable for weekly use.

- Natural seaweed essence dye and nourish hair at the same time
- Gentle formula does not hurt the scalp hair core
- New semi-permanent hair color suitable for weekly use
- A push can be used without mixing for multiple uses
- Slow white hair growth

Product details
Brand: 50 Megumi
Country of Origin: Japan
Range: Hair
Type: Hair Colorant
Volume: 150g
Package: 1x 50 Megumi Hair Colorant 150g (Black)

How to use
1. Please wear gloves and apply appropriate amount of hair cream to the hair from the hair root, for more gray hair part apply a more amount of hair dye.
2. Wait 20 minutes
3. Wash thoroughly with water until the water is no longer coloured
(When using the first and second time the effect may not as good as possible. After 3-5 time, the effect will be more obvious)

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