50 Megumi

50 Megumi Colour Protection Shampoo (Refill) 330ml x1 (145751)

SKU: MEG-010

$68 $135
50 Megumi Protection Shampoo (Refill) 330ml
The shampoo that takes care of colored hair. Keep the vibrance of your hairÕs color longer and healthier looking.

-Conditioner in shampoo
-Let color of the dyed hair last for a long time!
-A polymer coats a cuticle and protects it

Brand: 50 MEGUMI
Country of Origin: Japan
Range: Hair
Type: Shampoo
Volume: 330ml
Package: 1 x 50 Megumi Protection Shampoo (Refill) 330ml

How to use
Wet hair with lukewarm water. Take ample amount of shampoo and massage thoroughly on your hair. Rinse well.

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