ARAU Saraya Arau Toothpaste (Pink) 120g (258237)

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SARAYA Arau Toothpaste 120g (Pink)
This product is an alcohol-free toothpaste with zero synthetic ingredients. Saraya Arau Toothpaste ensures a happy healthy smile by cleaning away plaque and removing tartar while being gentle on gums and tongue.


-Gently cleans away plaque and removes tartar.
-Safe and gentle on your babyÕs teeth.
-Perfect for the healthy growth of young childrenÕs teeth.

Product Details

Brand: Saraya
Country of Origin: Japan
Range: Teeth
Type: Toothpaste
Volume: 120g
Package Content: 1 x SARAYA Arau Toothpaste 120g (Pink)

How to Use

Put an appropriate amount of toothpaste on your toothbrush.
Brush teeth well and regularly.

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