&be Clay Wash Facial Cleanser 150g

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Clay face wash that does not require foaming. The bentonite absorbs dirt that clogs pores and cleans it off.

- Effectively removes bad bacteria colonies and balancing the indigenous bacteria on the skin
- No lathering required, so you can wash your face quickly even in busy mornings.
- Combination of plant-derived skin-friendly cleansing ingredients and amino acid-based cleansing ingredients
- Thoroughly removes dirt while leaving the skin moisturized and dry.

Product details
Brand: &be
Range: Face
Type: Facial Cleanser
Volume: 150g
Package: 1 x &be Clay Wash Facial Cleanser 150g

How to use
Take 2 pearl-sized amount of facial cleanser and spread it on your palm.
Gently apply cleanser onto dry skin, avoiding the eye area.
For areas where you are concerned about dirt such as the nostrils and around the chin, use your fingertips to draw an arc and let the cleanser blend into your skin.
Wash off with lukewarm water.

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