&be x Love Liner Liquid Eyeliner (Red Brown)

$129.00 $162.00

&be x Love Liner Liquid Eyeliner (Red Brown)

A collaboration between the extremely popular Love Liner and &be has been realized. The easy-to-draw liquid brush supervised by Love Liner allows you to draw smooth, beautiful, and delicate lines.

- Reddish brown gives a sexy and sensual impression.
- Resistant to water and sweat
- Can be removed with hot water
- 4 additive-free formula that is gentle on eyelashes and skin

Product details
Brand: &be
Range: Around eyes
Type: Liquid Eyeliner
Package: 1 x &be x Love Liner Liquid Eyeliner (Red Brown)

How to use
- Draw a thin line along the edge of the eyelashes to fill in the gaps between the eyelashes.
- Pull up the eyelids and draw a line inside for a more impressive look.

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