&be Palette Eyebrow (Pink Brown) 3g

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&be Palette Eyebrow (Pink Brown) 3g

3-color eyebrow palette containing brow wax, main brown color powder, and nuanced red color.

- Two-layer structure of wax and powder for long-lasting natural graded eyebrows
- Chic Bordeaux pink gives a mature and cute impression.
- Can draw a rough sketch with wax, easy to get the shape of the eyebrows you are aiming for
- 7 additive-free formula

Product details
Brand: &be
Range: Eyebrow
Type: Palette Eyebrow
Volume: 3g
Package: 1 x &be Palette eyebrow (Pink Brown) 3g

How to use
- Use the large, thick brush that comes with the product to take the wax and draw the outline of the eyebrows.
- Use the thin end of the attached brush to take the brown powder
- Start from areas with few eyebrows, then apply the powder so that the center line of the eyebrows becomes darker.
- If you want to change the color, layer the nuance color powder on top or mix the brown powders with a brush before drawing.

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