&be Palette Eyeshadow (Sand Brown) 7g

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&be Palette Eyeshadow (Sand Brown) 7g

A palette eyeshadow that combines highly colored eyeshadows with different textures. You can enjoy a wide range of eye makeup, as the impression changes depending on how you layer and blend, as well as using a single color.

- A texture that adheres perfectly to the skin without powder floating.
- Sand brown that combines natural colors such as mustard and terracotta
- Toned only with natural mineral pigments
- No surfactants, UV absorbers, synthetic colorings (tar pigments), fragrances, or synthetic antioxidants.

Product details
Brand: &be
Range: Eyelid
Type: Eyeshadow
Volume: 7g
Package: 1 x &be Palette Eyeshadow (Sand Brown) 7g

How to use
- Apply the brightest color to the entire eyelid with a brush.
- Apply the main colors to a double width (about 3 to 5 mm) and blur to create a gradation.
- Use the thin end of the tip to draw the deepest color on the edge of the eyelid as if drawing an eyeliner.
- Place the brightest color on the edge of the lower eyelid.

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