&be Long-last Quick Dry Mascara (Black) 6.5g

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&be Long-last Quick Dry Mascara (Black) 6.5g

&be Quick Dry Mascara (Black) 6.5g
A long and separate mascara with a natural and delicate finish that makes your own eyelashes look as if they have grown naturally.

- Patented bristle brush that does not clump even when stacked
- Long-lasting prescription for beautiful eyelashes
- 7 additive-free formula, gentle on eyelashes and eyes
- Can be removed by hot water

Product details
Brand: &be
Range: Eyelashes
Type: Mascara
Volume: 6.5g
Package: 1 x &be Long-last Quick Dry Mascara (Black) 6.5g

How to use
- Apply the mascara liquid while combing the eyelashes from the root to the tip of the eyelashes.
- Hold the eyelashes with the brush for a few seconds to create a curl.
- For the lower eyelashes, hold the brush upright and apply the liquid to the tip.
- If you feel that it is easy to clump, wipe off the liquid remaining on the brush with a tissue.

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