Bigen BIGEN Hair Dyr 4G (080401)


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BIGEN Hair Dyr 4G (Japan Version)
Restores your natural hair color & optimum shine without unnecessary damage. The unique, deposit-only formula adds rich, natural tones back to your grays without lifting (lightening) your hair's natural pigments. A true Japanese beauty secret that evolved through continuous improvements of a century-old recipe.


- Color durability is type well, and hair color of hairline part lasts a long time.
- Short white hair of hairline part which is hard to be dyed is dyed well.
- Because it is cream type, it is hard to hang down and is convenient for partial dyeing.
- We can subdivide and can put the remainder for the next time.
- Hair protection distribution of the ingredients.

Product Details

Brand: BIGEN
Country of Origin: Japan
Product Type: Hair Dye
Package: 1x BIGEN Hair Dyr 4G (Japan Version)

How to use

- Squeeze out the same amount of cream from tube 1 and 2 on the mixing tray.
- Mix cream 1 and 2 well.
- Apply the mixture first from the root where greys are visible.
- Part your hair left and right and plenty of mixture from the roots to the end.
- Spread the mixture evenly to the entire hair with a wide tooth comb and leave it 25 to 30 mins.
- Washing well from warm water.
- Shampoo twice and finish with conditioner.

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