Biore Wet Wipes 10pcs/pack (citrus)

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Biore Wet Wipes 10pcs/pack (citrus)
Proprietary “Sebum-Clearing formula” cleans away stickiness and sebum that cause odor.

- “Clear smooth powder” that doesn’t leave white residue spreads over skin
- It prevents clothes from sticking even if you sweat.
- The quadruple-layered sheet can clean the whole body with a single sheet.

Product details
Brand: BIORE
Country of Origin: Japan
Range: Face
Type: Facial Sheet
Volume: 10pcs/pack
Package: Biore Wet Wipes 10pcs/pack (citrus) 

How to use
- Gently use on the skin surface, absorb the sweat and sebum.
- Press it gently on the skin.

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