Biore Makeup Remover (Foaming) 210ml

SKU: BIR-388063


Biore Makeup Remover (Foaming) 210ml
Since it comes out as bubbles_ it is easy to spread evenly at once. When it is applied round and round_ it turns into a cream and is adsorbed on the foundation that has closed the pores. The smooth texture when rinsing is a sign that the makeup is separated from the skin.

- Oil-free
- No need to wash again after rinsing
- Can be use for face wash for face without make-up
- Floral scent

Product details
Brand: BIORE
Country of Origin: Japan
Range: Face
Type: Make-up Remover
Volume: 210ml
Package: 1 x Biore Makeup Remover (Foaming) 210ml
Product valid date: 1 - 2 years

How to use
- Use the cotton moisten the make-up.
- Gently move the cotton.
- Once makeups nothing on a sheet_ make up Remover is complete.

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