BIORE U The Body Form Wash (Refill) 450ml (Purple)

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Biore U The Body Foam Wash (Refill) 450ml (Purple)
For skin that tends to have a dry texture in modern people. High lubrication prescription that does not wash too much. Fine cream cream slips smoothly on the skin and absorbs dirt without rubbing. Clean and protect your skin's moisture retention to make your skin healthy and fresh.

- 3 layer mesh pump to make fresh cream foam
- Wash with the barrier function of the bare skin. Mild acidity.
- It can also be used on delicate skin that tends to be dry.
- Refreshing herbal fresh scent

Product Details
Brand: Biore
Country of Origin: Japan
Range: Body
Type: Body Wash
Volume: 450ml
Content: 1 x Biore U The Body Foam Wash (Refill) 450ml (Purple)

How to use
Apply gently to wash skin by massaging in small circles. RInse off with water.

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