BODY MORE White Parts Serum 30g

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BODY MORE White Parts Serum 30g

A medicated whitening serum for the body to prevent dark spots. Easy whitening just by applying to areas of concern such as the bust, V-line, and after hair removal.

- Contains placenta extract, an active whitening ingredient that suppresses melanin production.
- Contains acerola extract, aloe extract, kudzu root extract, and chlorella extract moisturize and protect your skin.
- The active ingredient glycyrrhizic acid 2K prevents razor burn on the underarms and V-line.
- It blends smoothly into the skin, giving it a smooth yet moisturizing feel.
- Contains nano ceramide to penetrate deep into the stratum corneum.
- Hypoallergenic additive-free formula. Alcohol-free, mineral oil-free, weakly acidic.

Product details
Range: Body
Type: Body Serum
Volume: 30g
Package: 1 x BODY MORE White Parts Serum 30g

How to use
Apply on bust, V-line, or other body part after hair removal.

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