Canmake MAT Fleur Cheeks 01

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Canmake MAT Fleur Cheeks 01
A series of flowery blush with elegant case decoration that highlighting the apples of your cheeks while hiding fine lines and pores.A matte powdery blush that lasts for a long time with its secret formula on their very powder
- the use of silica_ which helps to absorb excess sebum from your pores and keep your makeup in place. This product is absolutely free from the following: alcohol_ fragrances_ mineral oils_ and petroleum
-based surfactants.

- Soft
-focus effect gives your cheeks a cutest look
- Long lasting
- Moisturising
- CANMAKE from Japan

Product Details:
Brand: Canmake
Country of Origin: Japan
Range: Face
Type:: MAT Fleur Cheeks 01
volume: 1 pcPackage: 1x Canmake MAT Fleur Cheeks 01Product valid date: 1- 2 years

How to Use:
useApply on the cheek at the end of make up

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