CHARLEY Caring Band-aid Tape (10pcs)

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CHARLEY Caring Band-aid Tape (10pcs)
Words Art of Hiroko Ichihara is now in plaster. She is known for using words filled with humor in her visual art. Don't you try to express your feeling? It is good to hand to your partner without a word. "I'll give you a little bit caring."

- Can be used even without injuries.
- Filled with humor
- Tell your feelings to him or her by a creative way.

Product Details:
Brand: Charley 
Range: Body
Type: Band-aid Tape
Volume: 10pcs
Content: 1 x CHARLEY Caring Band-aid Tape (10pcs)

How to use
Remove the packaging.
Place the gauze over the wound. 
Firmly attach the adhesive.

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