CHARLEY Spa Powder 30g (Peach) Pink x3pcs

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Charley Spa Powder 30g (Peach) Pink x3pcs
Spa Powder jointly developed with the original head office of Yukinomoto a pharmaceutical manufacturer in Nara opened in 1899.

- Spa powder that contains the moisturizing ingredient petrolatum.
- A fine foam type that spreads soft and creamy bubbles in hot water.
- Rich scented in hot water.
- Made in Japan

Product Details
Brand: Charley
Country of Origin: Japan
Product Type: Bathing Spa Powder
Volume: 30g
Package Content: Charley Spa Powder 30g (Peach) Pink x3pcs

How to use
- Put hot water in a domestic bathtub and put 1 piece of bathing agent.

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