Cow Body Soap (Citrus) 550ml (Yellow)

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COW Body Soap (Citrus) 550ml (Yellow)
A body soap with a natural scent of milk soap that has been sold for over 110 years. A creamy foam from domestic soap ingredients_ keeping the skin moisturized clean and makes the skin smooth. Contains sheabutter. Scent of citrus with refreshing yuzu and orange.

- High-quality milk nourishing ingredients: Ceramide skimmed milk and hydrolyzed casein.
- Large amount of fine and dense bubbles_ easy to rinse_ and gives you a fresh and comfortable feeling after bathing.
- Washing the whole body while applying little amount.

Product Details
Brand: COW
Country of Origin: Japan
Product Type: Body Soap
Range: Skin
Volume: 550 ml
Age Group: Adult
Formulation: Liquid
Package Content: 1 x COW Body Soap (Citrus) 550ml (Yellow)

How to use
Lather with water or use sponge or bath towels_ massage the foam over your body and then rinse.

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