DHC Collagen (30 days 180 grains)

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DHC Collagen (30 days 180 grains)
Collagen is a protein that like all proteins is based in amino acids. A third of the proteins in your body are made from collagen and 70% of dermis which is related to your skin’s suppleness consists of collagen.

- Formulated with fish-derived collagen peptides and vitamin B1
- Support your beauty by giving youthfulness and smoothness to your skin.
- For concerns about dry and sensitive skin and lack of suppleness
- Made in Japan

Product Details
Brand: DHC
Country of Origin: Japan
Product Type: Collagen Supplement
Capacity: 180 tablets
Package Content: 1 x DHC Collagen (30 days 180 grains)

How to use
Follow recommended daily intake (6 tablets).
Recommended to take all 6 tablets at once_ after dinner.

*Take with water or lukewarm water without chewing.

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