DHC Color Lip Cream 1.5g (Apricot)

SKU: DHC-033

DHC Color Lip Cream 1.5g (Apricot)
This is a conditioning lip balm that provides long-lasting moisture. The lip cream glides smoothly onto your lips and can be worn under lipstick as a primer or over for added gloss.


-Blended with Vitamin E_ which nourishes and fights the visible signs of ageing
-Soothes and neutralises free radicals
-Instantly hydrates rough and chapped lips
-Leaves lips with a soft and dewy shine

Product details

Brand: DHC
Country of Origin: Japan
Range: Lips
Type: Lip balm
Volume: 1.5g
Product valid date: 1 - 2 years
Package: 1 x DHC Color Lip Cream 1.5g (Apricot)

How to use:

Glide evenly over lips.
Apply it when needed.

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