DHC Haste Blueberry 20 days- 40 grains (405451)

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Haste Blueberry 20 days- 40 grains
Blueberry + support component approach at about 3 times of the absorbent up!
Nordic wild species Bilberry 100% of bilberry extract powder and 180mg formulated as a main component.
- crocetin and lutein, such as the popularity of acai, a luxury 9 ingredient plus.
- If the time to use a PC, smartphone is long or for those driving in many cases.
About three times : DHC company conventional product ratio

Materials / Ingredients
Medium chain fatty acid oil, blueberries (Bilberry) extract powder, acai extract powder, gelatin, glycerin, glycerin fatty acid esters, perfume, gardenia (crocetin-containing), du Nari Ella carotene, marigold, vitamin B1, vitamin B6, tomato lycopene, vitamin B2 , vitamin B12, (soybeans, including gelatin in part of the raw material)

From essential lipids and carbohydrates into energy in the diet is recommended.
Also from the energy be made smoothly, you can approach tired.
It is warms up conditions such as elasticity and freshness, the fundamental beauty of nutrients.

Product Details
Brand: DHC
Country of Origin: Japan
Product Type: Nutritional supplement.
Capacity: 40-grains

How to use
You can take the blueberry about 540 grain equivalent of anthocyanins per day recommended dose.Storage Information- Direct sunlight, please save to avoid the hot and humid place.- Please keep out of the reach of children.- shut the firm opened opening after opening


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