DHC Maturing fermentation extract + enzyme (30 days 90 gains)

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DHC Maturing Fermentation Extract + Enzyme (30 days 90 gains)
82 kinds of plants are fermented & matured. Support your everyday vitality with the power of enzymes. Enzymes have a variety of actions for your beauty health and dieting. This DHC enzyme supplement "Matured Fermented Extracts + Enzymes" is a supplement that contains plant enzyme extracts from 82 kinds of plants that have been matured and fermented. Also fermented grain extract is added to aid digestive enzymes which fermented plant extracts can't do. Perfect for those who often have unbalanced meals and who want to stay beautiful and healthy.

- 82 kinds of plants
- For beauty health and dieting
- Enzyme power focuses on dieting and beauty
- Helps fight bad bacteria

Product Details
Brand: DHC
Country of Origin: Japan Product
Type:: Maturing Fermentation Extract + Enzyme Capacity: 30 days 90 gains
Package Content: 1 x DHC Maturing Fermentation Extract + Enzyme (30 days 90 gains)

How to Use:
Three once in an aim.This article avoids an excessive intake and please have it not to exceed quantity of daily intake indication.Please have it with water or tepid water.

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