DHC Natural vitamin E (soya) 60 days- 60 grain (405055)

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DHC Natural vitamin E (soya) 60 days- 60 grains
"Natural Vitamin E (Soy) is formulated with 301.5 mg of natural d-a tocopherol, which is the most efficiently utilized form of Vitamin E, per daily recommended intake.


- Recommended for concerns such as dry skin, bad circulation and a nutrient-deficient diet.
- For middle-aged and elderly users who want to optimize their health.
- Vitamin E is called a "rejuvenating vitamin with benefits for beauty and blood circulation.- The easiest way to maintain a youthful body and healtH.

Product Details

Brand: DHC
Country of Origin: Japan
Product Type: Natural Vitamin E Daily Supplement
Capacity: 60 capsules
Package Content: 1 x DHC Natural vitamin E (soya) 60 days- 60 grains

How to use

Follow recommended daily intake (1 capsule).Storage:Keep in a cool place and avoid high temperature and direct sunlight to keep dry.

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