DOVE Botanical Selection Moisture Body Wash (Refill) 360g (Lavender)

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DOVE Botanical Selection Moisture  Body Wash (Refill) 360g (Lavender)
Botanical wash from Dove. Body wash containing 100% botanical oil which derived from plants such as argan oil, jojoba oil, grape seed oil, avocado oil and apricot oil.

- Contains five types of botanical oils that condense the blessings of nature.
- Penetrates deep into the skin which traps moisture inside
- Creates a smooth skin.
- High-quality lavender fragrance

Product Details

Brand: DOVE
Country of Origin: Japan
Range: Body
Type: Body Wash
Volume: 360g
Content: 1 x DOVE Botanical Selection Moisture  Body Wash (Refill) 360g (Lavender)

How to use
Take an appropriate amount on a sponge or towel containing hot water and whisk lightly before use.

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