Fancl HTC Collagen DX Tense Up 50ml (10pcs/box) x3 boxes (2021 Version)

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Fancl HTC Collagen DX Tense Up 50ml (10pcs/ box) NEW Version x3
Each contains 2600mg of HTC Collagen which can reach the skin as quickly as possible and has the highest absorption rate.

- Quickly replenish and support skin elasticity maintain moisture content effectively improve skin elasticity regain firmness.
- HTC collagen can double skin collagen expand water storage space keep skin's moisture.
- Each contains 1mg Q10 Auxiliary Enhancing Activated Cells.
- Organize and promote metabolism
- Synthetic coloring agent no preservative added
- Non-caffeine

Product Details
Brand: Fancl
Country of Origin: Japan
Product Type: Supplement
Net Weight: 50 ml x 10
Package Content: 3 x Fancl HTC Collagen DX Tense Up 50ml New Version (10Pcs/Box)

How to use
- Take a minimum range of 10-15 grams daily_ and up to 30 grams daily with full glass of water before going to bed.
- This gives body a chance to absorb and process the collagen during the natural repair time while you sleep.
- Discontinue their use if not improvements.

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