Fancl Natural Vitamin D 30days (30 Grains)

SKU: FC-491925

FANCL Natural Vitamin D 30days (30 Grains)
Vitamin D has attracted attention in recent years because it helps absorb calcium and various functions. Modern people who are less exposed to UV radiation tend to lack vitamin D. In addition active supplementation is necessary. FANCL Natural Vitamin D is an emulsified form of vitamin D which is also particular about absorption.

- promoting healthy bones and teeth
- supporting immune_ brain_ and nervous system health
- regulating insulin levels and supporting diabetes management
- supporting lung function and cardiovascular health

Product Details
Brand: Fancl
Country of Origin: Japan
Product Type: Vitamin D Daily Supplement
Capacity: 30 Grains
Package content: 1 x FANCL Natural Vitamin D 30days (30 Grains)

How to use
It is recommended to take 1 capsules a day. Precaution: If you are pregnant or nursing_ please do not eat.

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