HeidiDorf White Tone Up Cream (Mint - Green) 40g

SKU: HDD-002

Heidi Dorf White Tone Up Cream (Mint - Green) 40g
There are 5 effects in one bottle: pre-makeup, moisturizing concealer, CC cream, pore correction and brightening skin tone.
As soon as you apply your face, you can see the skin becomes white.Use this plain cream to make a base before makeup, and then apply other makeup to make the makeup more perfect.

- Brightness, transparency, increased color sensation by skin color control effect.
- Improved skin color.
- Shielding mark.
- Uniform skin color.

Product details
Brand: Heidi Dorf
Country of Origin: Japan
Type: White Tone Up Cream
Volume: 40g
Package: 1x Heidi Dorf White Tone Up Cream (Mint - Green) 40g

How to Use

- After preparing the skin with lotion, etc, take an appropriate amount and apply it uniformly to the whole face unevenly.

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