HOTAPA Pipe Clean 200g (570803)


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Pipe Clean 200g
The clean powder is burned with 100 % Natural Scallop Shell, with the exception of smelly and kill effects. Clean water pipes, decomposition hose slime, hair and jam, and so on, solve the smell of odour and mosquitoes caused by clogged stagnant water, and clean powder in 5 minutes to 99.9 %, Eliminate 91.4 % stink.

- By the bactericidal power of the shell powder, deodorize and remove bacteria.
- It can remove hair blockage, mold removal, and sterilization and deodorization of the drain.
- 100% natural food grade ingredients, colorless and odorless, deodorizing and sterilizing effect, no damage to the pipeline, no harmful gas, safe and natural pipeline cleaner
- You can also put 2 scoops into the washstand, add appropriate amount of water, use a sponge or brush to scrub the tiles or mold, and have high cleaning power, which can remove bacteria and deodorize mold.
- Effectively solve the problem of pipe blockage, can dissolve the hair in the bathroom pipe, can remove the mucus and odor of the laundry drain
- The toilet deodorizes bacteria, does not produce harmful gases, removes bacteria, deodorizes and removes mold, protects the earth, naturally removes bacteria and deodorizes mold remover.

Product Details
Country of Origin: Japan
Range: Pipe
Product Type: Cleansing Powder
Net Weight: 200 g

How to use
Use the special spoon provided, about two spoons (12g) at a time, sprinkle it into the drain hole, and let it stand for more than 6 hours, then rinse it with plenty of water.
Water pipe blockage: Sprinkle about 2-3 spoons into the drain hole.
The bathroom drain hole is blocked: evenly sprinkle the drain hole after being wet with water. If it is severely blocked, please sprinkle it deep into the drain hole and wait for it to dissolve.
Drawer drain hole deodorization, mold removal: Sprinkle on the dirty part (about 1~2 spoons) when it is full of water, if there is no water when it is sprinkled, please spray it after sprinkling it wet.
Deodorant/sterilization of the toilet: Please sprinkle the toilet directly to about 1-2 spoons.

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