HOTAPA Zero Stain Remover 200ml (570896)


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HOTAPA Zero Stain Remover 20ml
HOTAPA Zero Stain Remover removes stains and odors from clothes while limiting the chemical exposure to your family.

- Used from food ingredients, no surfactant, no added spices
- Effectively remove three kinds of dirt: water-soluble stains (soy sauce, sauce, red wine, etc.); oil-soluble stains (dip sauce, gravy, ball pen, etc.); pigment stains (lipsticks, foundation, mascara, etc.)

Product Details
Country of Origin: Japan
Range: Clothing
Product Type: Stain Remover
Net Weight: 20 ml
Expiry Date: 1-3 Years (6-12months after opened) manufacture number on package

How to use
Drop the agent directly onto the stain and restore it after about 1 minute.
Staining stains that are not easy to fall off: After dropping the solution, wait a while, then rinse gently with water.
After a period of oil stains: Put a cloth on the back of the clothes, and wipe the surface with a wet towel to remove.
Please do not use it for purposes other than stains.Leather products, precious metals, waterproof clothing, etc.
Please do not use on non-washable clothes.
There is the possibility of discoloration after removing the stain.
Please be sure to rinse with water after use.
Do not drink.Do not place in high temperature or direct sunlight.
Please be careful not to touch your eyes or skin when using.
Please keep out of reach of children. Avoid eating.

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