Johnson n Johnson

Johnson n Johnson Waterproof Band-aid (Bunion) 4pcs/box

$46.00 $79.00

Johnson n Johnson Skincolor Band-aid Junior Size 18pcs/box
It is a foot care product that relieves pain in hallux valgus. The supple cushioning effect protects the foot all day long from pressure on the shoe which causes pain in the hallux valgus

- Protects the foot from pressure
- Translucent, it can be used even when wearing sandals
- Absorbs and retains moisture to suppress pressure and friction

Brand: Johnson n Johnson
Range: Skin
Type: First-Aid Tape
Volume: 4pcs
Package Content: Johnson n Johnson Waterproof Band-aid (Bunion) 4pcs/box
How to use
Remove the packaging
Place the gauze over the wound.
Firmly attach the adhesive.

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