KAO Atrix Hydrating Hand Cream (Scentless) 80g (236753)

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KAO Atrix Hydrating Hand Cream (Scentless) 80g
Enriched with a variety of highly effective moisturizing ingredients, including Hyaluronic Acid, Vegetable Collagen C, Carrot Extract, Ginseng Root Extract and Glycerin. It can instantly penetrate into deep stratum corneum to moisturize and nourish your delicate hands, preventing dryness, cracking and roughness as well. It leaves your hands moist, silky soft and smooth.

- No Greasy Feeling
- Absorbed quickly
- Unscented formula
- For sensitive skin

Product details
Brand: Kao
Country of Origin: Japan
Range: Face & Body
Type: Atrix Hydrating Hand Cream (Scentless)
Volume: 80g
Package: 1x KAO Atrix Hydrating Hand Cream (Scentless) 80g
Product valid date: 1 - 2 years

How to use
When feeling dry, applied on cleansed and nail. Gently massage for better absorption.

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