KAO Bub Spa Powder (Lavender Collection) 40g 20pcs/ box (024725)

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KAO Bub Spa Powder (Lavender Collection) 40g 20pcs/ box
Bub Spa Powder comes with the fragrance of Lavender Collection. Carbon power improves the heat bath effect, fatigue, stiff shoulders, low back pain, and cold symptoms can also be relieved.

- It can be kept warm by using warm water, and the hot water in the bath becomes soft, which is a bathing agent that is mild to the skin.

Product Details
Brand: KAO
Country of Origin: Japan
Product Type: Spa Powder
Volume: 40 g x 20 pcs

How to use
Just open the package, put a bathing agent into the bathtub.
Add about 200 liters of hot water.
You can bath after the powder has completely dissolved.
Children can also enter the bath together.

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