KAO Essential Blow-Dry Conditioner 340ml Refill

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KAO Essential Blow-Dry Shampoo 340ml Refill
NEW KAO Essential Shampoo series is one of the most selling products in Japan. Manage messy hair which are damaged from blow drying.

- The function of maintaining the stratum corneum of a hair shape in ÒHoney Sleep Restraint Technology.
- Makes your hair is still delicate and not messy while wake up.
- Non-gelatin prescription, light and clean.
- Refreshing floral aroma.

Product details
Brand: KAO
Country of Origin: Japan
Range: Hair
Type: Shampoo
Volume: 340ml
Package: 1 x KAO Essential Blow-Dry Shampoo 340ml Refill

How to use
- 2 pumps for mid-lenght hair
- 3 pumps for long hair
- Using shampoo and conditioner as a set of effects is better.

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