KAO Medicure Spa Powder (Forest) 70g 6pcs/ box (Green)

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KAO MedicureSpa Powder (Forest) 70g 6pcs/ box (Green)
The carbonate technical enhances the bathing effect, promotes blood circulation and also effective for fatigue, stiff shoulders, back pain and coldness.

- Rich bubble
- Keep the warmth of the bath water
- Contains hot spring ingredients (sodium bicarbonate and sodium carbonate).
- Made in Japan

Product Details
Brand: KAO
Country of Origin: Japan
Product Type: Spa Powder
Volume: 70g
Package Content: KAO MedicureSpa Powder (Forest) 70g 6pcs/ box (Green)

How to use
- Open the package, put a bathing agent into the bathtub.
- Add about 150- 200 liters of hot water (40¡C).
- You can bath after the powder has completely dissolved.
- Available in 2 hours.

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