KIRIBAI Red Bean Reusable Steam Pillow (For Abdomen) 1pc

$72.00 $89.00
The heat from the natural steam of the Red Bean gradually warms your stomach.

- Can use both sides according to the difficulty.
- Floral side with high heat.
- Original side with gentle heat.
- Can be used repeatedly 250 times

Product details
Country of Origin: China
Volume: 1 pcs
Package: 1x KIRIBAI Red Bean Reusable Steam Pillow (For Abdomen) 1pc

How to use

Remove the product from the transparent bag and place it in the center of the microwave oven with the floral side down.
Heat according to the heating time.
60 second for 500W, 50 second for 600W.
Do not heat with power over 600W.
Select the side to use according to the pain and place it on your stomach over a T-shirt or underwear.
Different for power of microwave oven models varies, please check with the dealer of your microwave oven.
Use 20 minutes as a guideline.
Do not use it directly on your skin as it may cause burns.

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