KOBAYASHI 2 Layers Pantiliner 72pcs (061909)

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KOBAYASHI 2 Layers Pantiliner 72pcs
New design released of double Layer without any adhesive between Daily Comfort and Convenience. Material is so soft that fits all kinds of body movement, with less irritation.

- Made of 100% natural and soft cotton
- Mild and comfortable for your skin
- 2mm thin
- Easy to use
- Good ventilation will bring you no stewing feeling

Product details
Country of Origin: Japan
Material: 100% natural cotton
Type: 2 Layers Pantiliner
Volume: 72pcs
Package: 1x KOBAYASHI 2 Layers Pantiliner 72pcs

How to use
- Tear the plastic cover and stick on the underwear.
- Simply tear off the used layer and the second layer is ready to use.
- Please wrap the used pad to dispose.

If any discomfort occurs after using this product, please stop using immediately.
Do not flush into toilet bowl after use.
Wash hands before changing the upper layer.
After flipping the upper layer, sweat may ooze to the lower layer.

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