Kobayashi Sawaday Fragrance Stick (Parfum Blanc - White) (038482)

SKU: KBS-039

KOBAYASHI Sawaday Fragrance Stick (Parfum Blanc - White)

- Selected fragrant oil spreads throughout the room
- A natural rattan's stick
- Design with a glass container
- The intensity of scent can be adjusted by the number of sticks
- Chic and fine scent of white cypress style

Product details
Country of Origin: Japan
Range: In door use
Type: Sawaday Fragrance Stick (Parfum Blanc - White)
Volume: 70ml
Package: 1x KOBAYASHI Sawaday Fragrance Stick (Parfum Blanc - White)

How to use
(1) Place the glass container on a flat and stable place, insert the tip of the scented spout and pour out all the liquid.
(2) Insert the stick so that it spreads as a whole.
It takes about 3 hours to suck up the liquid ※.
* Do not touch the stick sucking up the liquid directly. When touching, do not touch directly using tissues etc.
[Adjust scent] When the scent is strong, please reduce the number and adjust.
※ If fragrance oil runs out, please use the same type "Sawaday fragrant Stick refill".
[Use period] It lasts about 1.5 - 3 months. (If 8 sticks)
※ The duration varies depending on the environment, number of sticks used.

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