Kracie Naive Pure Bubble Body Soap jumbo 450ml (Refill)

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KRACIE Naive Pure bubble body soap jumbo 450ml (Refill)
Skin feels fresh, soft and moist after washing. Contains cleanser ingredients and amino acid-based cleanser ingredients.

- Botanical body wash, 100% plant derived body soap. Creamy foam gently washes your skin.
- Mineral oil, silicon, praben, alcohol (ethanol), artifical colors free.
- Allergy tested. (It does not mean allergic reaction won't occur to all.)
- Gently cleanses delicate skin of children

Product details

Country of Origin: Japan
Range: Body
Type: Body Soap
Volume: 450ml
Package: 1x KRACIE Naive Pure bubble body soap jumbo 450ml (Refill)

How to use

Apply apporopriate amount on a towel or sponge damped with lukewarm water then create suds. Rub your skin with the wet wash cloth, using gentle circular motions.

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