LION HADAKARA Body Foam Soap (Refill) 440ml (Soap-Blue)

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LION HADAKARA Body Foam Soap (Refill) 484ml (Soap-Blue)
Body wash with moisture-adsorbing technology that keeps moisturizer from washing away. Moisturizes with every wash, for softer skin.

- moisturizing ingredients which won't be rinsed away
- Provides you with moisture every time you wash
- Can also be used on the skin of babies, children and those with delicate skin.
- Made in Japan

Product details
Brand: Lion
Country of Origin: Japan
Range: Body
Type: Body wash
Volume: 484ml
Package: 1 x LION HADAKARA Body Foam Soap (Refill) 484ml (Soap-Blue)

How to use
- Massage the foam over your body and then rinse.

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