LITS White Dot Zero Cream 12g

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LITS White Dot Zero Cream 12g
On-The-Spot Treatment of Uneven Skin Tone & Skin Discoloration. Formulated with more than 300% higher Lanachrys. Complete your daily skincare routine with LITS WHITE DOT ZERO.

- Targeted skin brightener
- Skin moisturizer
- Suppress the formation of melanin
- prevent age spot and freckles
- Made in Japan

Product details
Brand: LITS
Country of Origin: Japan
Range: Face
Type: Serum
Volume: 12g
Package: 1 x LITS White Dot Zero Cream 12g
Product valid date: 1 - 2 years

How to use
- After washing and conditioning face, apply LITS WHITE DOT ZERO directly to concerned areas.
- Dispense one pump across the cheeks and around your eyes.
- Use in the morning and at night (for a treatment period of approximately 60 days).

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