Milbon Elujuda Graceon Hair Serum 120ml

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Milbon Elujuda Graceon Hair Serum 120ml

Contains baobab oil which is also used for skin care due to its softening effect on the skin and low irritation. It leads to supple and smooth hair.

- A scent full of happiness that makes you feel like you are surrounded by nature.
- CMADK, a hair repairing ingredient derived from keratin-derived protein that leads to healthy hair.
- Contains 3 types of oil: smoothing oil, aged argan oil and elastic oil.

Product details
Brand: Milbon
Range: Hair
Type: Hair Serum
Volume: 120ml
Package: 1 x Milbon Elujuda Graceon Hair Serum 120ml

How to use
- Towel dry your hair.
- Spread the serum on your hand
- 1 push for short hair; 2 pushes for medium long hair; 3 pushes for long hair.
- Apply to the ends of your hair
- Slightly lift a bundle of hair, insert your hand inside, and slide it to the tip of the hair
- Use a hair dryer to dry hair step by front hair, roots and middle hair.

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