Milbon Elujuda Limber Hair Serum 120ml (Green)

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Milbon Elujuda Limber Hair Serum 120ml (Green)

A design base oil that leads from the roots to manageable hair. Acrylic oil enhances the elasticity of hair that tends to become flat, leading to supple and easy-to-move hair.

- A fragrance reminiscent of the great outdoors of Africa.
- A complex of CMADK and keratin gives hair elasticity
- For those who want supple and smooth hair

Product details
Brand: Milbon
Range: Hair
Type: Hair Serum
Volume: 120ml
Package: 1 x Milbon Elujuda Graceon Hair Serum 120ml

How to use
- Towel dry your hair.
- Spread the serum on your hand
- 2 push for short hair; 3 pushes for medium hair; 4 pushes for long hair
- Apply twice from the middle to the ends, and then blend it all over.
- Aim for an even distribution from roots to ends
- Dry your hair by moving it in different directions to lift the roots.

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