NIOXIN System 5 Cleanser Shampoo 1000ml

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NIOXIN System 5 Cleanser Shampoo 1000ml
Nioxin Hair Care System 5 Kit for chemically treated hair, such as bleached, straightened or relaxed with progressed thinning amplifies hair structure and protects against hair breakage. This unique set of three professional hair products, based on an advanced skin care approach, is specially formulated as a hair thickening treatment, delivering smoothness and hydrated hair. The Nioxin System 5 regimen reduces hair fall due to breakage, strengthens the hair and delivers a healthy shine to chemically treated hair, while refreshes the scalp. The Nioxin Cleanser Shampoo removes dirt, sebum and other environmental residues from the scalp and hair.

- Helps you achieve thicker, fuller looking and moisturized hair.
- Hydrates scalp and hair from root to tip to provide thicker, fuller hair from the first use.
- Reduces hair fall due to breakage and strengthens the hair.
- Helps remove dirt, excessive oil and other environmental residues from scalp and hair.
- Amplifies hair protection and providing moisture balance and color protection.

Product details
Country of Origin: Mexico
Range: Hair
Volume: 1000ml
Package Content: 1 x NIOXIN System 5 Cleanser Shampoo 1000ml

How to use
- Gently massage onto wet hair and scalp.
- Rinse well.
- Lather for 1 minute.
- Rinse thoroughly.
- Use daily.

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