Nivea Cream Care Facial Wash 130g (Moisture) (Blue) (335401)

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Nivea Cream Care Facial Wash 130g (Moisture) (Blue)
A "rich moisturizing facial cleanser" with NIVEA lotion formula. The delicate bubbles and moisturizing powers protect the skin from moisture and cleansing. Good rinsing does not leave, creating a supple and smooth skin for you.


- Fine, rich cream lather and moisturizing power
- Gently washes while protecting moisture in your skin.
- Refreshing when washed off yet gives you a smooth, soft skin afterward.
- With a premium white floral fragrance.

Product Details

Brand: Nivea
Country of Origin: Japan
Range: Face and nack
Type: Facial Wash
Volume: 130g
Content: 1 x Nivea Cream Care Facial Wash 130g (Moisture) (Blue)

How to use

Apply gently to wash skin by massaging in small circles. RInse off with lukewarm water. Ideal as a base for make-up.

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