Omi Brotherhood

Omi Brotherhood Lip Stick 4g x2pcs (412631)

$19.00 $36.00
OMI Brotherhood Lip Stick 4g x 2
From basic lip balms to premium medicated lip care treatment, OMI Brotherhood provide variety of choices of dry lip protection.

- A refreshing scent of menthol.
- Prevents lips from becoming rough and dry
- Keeps lips glossy and moisturized.
- Can also be used as a base for lipstick.

Product details
Brand: OMI
Country of Origin: Japan
Range: Lip
Type: Lip Balm
Volume: 4g
Package: 1x OMI Brotherhood Lip Stick 4g x 2

How to use
- Uncap the container and prepare a small amount of balm.
- Apply the balm to your lips.
- Draw in your lips to spread excess balm.

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