Onna No Yokubou

Onna No Yokubou COOL & UV UPF 50+ Armlet 1pair (Black) x2pcs


$108 $198
TRAIN COOL & UV UPF 50+ Armlet 1pair (Black) x2
In Japan as long as the mention of sun protection ice sleeves, will certainly say that the desire of women, sales of similar products for four consecutive years. The sun protection index of this ice sleeve can reach 50 times, and 99% block ultraviolet rays. Wearing it, you can rest assured that you don't worry about tanning your arms.
This ice sleeve is made of cool ice silk material. It has a strong cool feeling and is cool and smooth. It has a fine mesh on the inside and it is not boring when it is breathable.


- Sun protection ice sleeves
- Can reach 50 times
- 99% block UV
- Made of cool ice silk material
- Cool and smooth

Product details

Brand: TRAIN
Country of Origin: Japan
Range: Arm
Type: COOL & UV UPF 50+ Armlet 1 pair (Black)
Volume: 2 packs ( 2pairs)
Package: 2 x TRAIN COOL & UV UPF 50+ Armlet 1pair (Black)

How to use

Unpack and waer on your arm
Tip: Before you put it in the refrigerator, it feels cool and super cool.

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