Rohto Care Cera Body Wash Foam (Refill) 350ml (137411/167296)

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Rohto Care Cera Body Wash Foam 350ml
To the dry persistent skin which repeats powder flushing and the skin.
'Ceramide barrier care' to protect the function of ceramides important for moisture of the skin.


Every time I wash it, I am going to skin it.
Plenty of 'bubbles' with one push.
Gently wash with bubbles and hands, reducing the burden on the skin.
'Natural multi-ceramide' (moisture ingredients) formulated.
'Moisturizing protective cleansing prescription' that only removes dirt while protecting the skin's moisture.
With fine texture creamy bubbles, wash up moist and moist and moist.
Three kinds of plant extract (moisture ingredients: Tamburiser Toriko filler leaf extract, Fuki leaf / stem extract, chamomile flower extract) are compounded.
Weakly acidic, hypoallergenic. Paraben free.
Patch tested with cooperation of sensitive skin people. * It does not mean that irritation does not occur to all people.
Sorrowful, pure floral scent.

Product details

Brand: Rohto
Country of Origin: Japan
Range: Skin
Type: Body Wash Foam
Package Content: 1 x Rohto Care Cera Body Wash Foam 350ml
Net Weight: 350ml

How to use

Do not use when skin is abnormal. - In use, or in case of sunlight in use, if abnormality appears on the skin, stop using and consult with a skin specialist etc. - Be careful not to enter the eyes, rinse immediately when entering. If abnormalities remain, consult an ophthalmologist. - Store in a place of high or low temperature, out of direct sunlight, out of reach of children. Always use 'Care Sera Body Wash (Refill)' for refill. Please refill other products.

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