Shiseido Adenovital Eyelash Serum 6g (675555)

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Shiseido Adenovital Eyelash Serum 6g
Eyelash serum helps strengthen eyelashes to prevent breakage.
Formulated with Zizyphus Jujuba fruit extract plus glycerine, the serum conditions each lash,
making them more resilient against damage. Doe-foot applicator makes applying easy-breezy.
Fragrance-free and colorant-free.

- For longer, thicker-looking lashees
- Protection from damage
- Reliable delivering to the lash line
- Easily attached to fine parts and reach the hairline firmly
- Safe with no fragrance, no coloring, low irritation

Product details
Brand: Shiseido
Country of Origin: Japan
Range: Eye
Type: Adenovital Eyelash Serum 6g
Volume: 6g / 1pc
Package: 1 x Shiseido Adenovital Eyelash Serum 6g

How to use
Morning and evening twice, after the skin care please use.
Gently coated damp chips as needed, not to rub it on the skin of the upper and lower lashes hairline.
Please use dried airashseram, if used in conjunction with the eye makeup such as mascara.
Make sure Cap tightly after each use, wipe the mouth of the container.
* Do not place in hot or sunny location.
* Depending on the type of hair extensions glued glue adhesion is weak you may.

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