Shiseido SUPER MILD Hair Conditioner 600ml (Green)

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Shiseido SUPER MILD Shampoo (Green) 600ml
Essence containing purely Japan organic herbs that stores the blessings of nature makes hair smooth from the core.

- 100% pure Japanese cultivation, organic herbal ingredients
- Weakly acidic to protect the moisture of hair and skin.
- A green floral scent that makes you feel the refreshing breeze of nature.
- Uses plant plastic derived from sugar cane (bottle: 96%).

Product details
Brand: Shiseido
Country of Origin: Japan
Range: Hair
Type: Conditioner
Volume: 600 ml
Package: Shiseido SUPER MILD Hair Conditioner 600ml (Green)

How to use:
After shampooing, apply well to the entire hair before rinsing.

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