Skater Japan

Skater Japan Cartoon 3D Masks (20pcs/box) (Hello Kitty) (For 2-3 years) (434211)


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Skater Japan Cartoon 3D Masks (20pcs/Box) (Hello Kitty)
Comfortable 3D cut for easy breathing. 3-layer non-woven fabric construction, close to the bridge of the nose to prevent pollen impurities from drilling through the side gaps, and to maintain enough space for the nose and mouth to eliminate suffocation. 99% omnidirectional filtration, strong resistance to dust in the air, isolated pollen.

- 3D cutting
- comfortable close three-layer structure
- effective bacteria, dust, spray, up to 99% anti-pollen
- soft material, not wearing pain
- Perfect for kids

Product details
Brand: Skater Japan
Country of Origin: Japan
Range: Face
Volume: 20pcs
Package: 1 x Skater Japan Cartoon 3D Masks (20pcs/Box) (Hello Kitty)

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