Taiyoyushi Pax Baby Body Cream 50g (054818)

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Pax Baby Body Cream 50g
Food-grade-quality jojoba seed oil soothe baby's skin. For sensitive skin of adults also

- Can also be used in the diaper area as a natural barrier cream to prevent irritation cause by wetness
- All product ingredients are made from food-grade natural vegetable oil, absolutely safe for babies even if they lick the cream
- No surfactants, antioxidants, chemical fragrance, artificial colors and other chemicals are added in the cream

Product details
Brand: Pax Baby
Country of Origin: Japan
Range: Body
Type: Cream
Volume: 50g
Package: 1x Pax Baby Body Cream 50g

How to use
- Apply daily or as needed on your baby's face and body for dry skin or irritation.

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